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In order to better explore the European market, a 55-year history of Canada’s leading outdoor clothing brand Canada Goose in London opened its first United Kingdom Office.

CanadaGoose branding to design and manufacture highly functional strength, canada goose jackets discount sale, is noted for its extreme weather clothing, and clothing popular with outdoor enthusiasts and polar expedition the Explorer’s favorite. New offices located in the United Kingdom capital, bustling commercial center, fashion-forward Strip on Oxford Street, the establishment of the Office marks a Canada brand sold in the internationalization process, and toward a new milestone, also shows that brand to the growing European and United Kingdom markets attention. The past ten years, CanadaGoose has had explosive growth, last year alone, the brand’s sales growth in Europe of 200%.

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CanadaGoose financial shows, companies earning more than $ 150 million, of which most of the revenue comes from greater overseas demand for fashion. Products are mainly for polar explorers, expedition area has good market all over the world, and recently, the company has made a decision, to improve quality, cheap canada goose jackets online, all clothing in Canada produced within, all products “MadeIn” Canada.

“Several years ago, we would run counter to the mainstream, choosing to invest and build factories in their own countries, without contract or set up factories in foreign countries, this insistence was right all along,” said DaniReiss, Chairman and Chief Executive, said, “we do this in order to create the best functional clothing luxury, canada goose jacket sale calgary, places where it is supposed to produce, which is what consumers want. ”

CanadaGoose currently in United Kingdom retailers, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Snow+Rock, and BrownThomas etc more than 90 companies.

New London offices will be assigned for European markets and the United Kingdom, and Ireland regional sales team. Offices established in the exhibition has a full range of outdoor functional garment, including Branta (Brent) series, juvenile series, children’s and infant series, here, buy canada goose parka cheap online. United Kingdom consumers will be able to experience CanadaGoose brand product and atmosphere.

In the past 5 years, in order to better support local retailers, driving sales growth, brand was raised both in Sweden, and Germany, and Finland, three European countries to open offices.