Engagement ring worn on the girls which finger

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Wedding band originated in ancient Egypt. Engagement and wedding rings are part of the contract. Wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the bride, chrome hearts online, bride’s loyalty and obedience to her husband. Ancient Egypt appears once the rings heat. Modern popular exchange rings at the wedding. Wear your right hand ring finger before marriage, wear after the wedding ring finger, meaning the left heart, to heart.

Engagement ring is the man to the woman to marry him, thought the woman’s expression to life with her and become her partner wishes, so this ring is very important. And when she agreed to marry him, chrome hearts ring, on a man for her ring, this ring will become your engagement ring, so in general this ring should be worn on the middle finger of her left hand, because the middle finger represents the meaning of love, engagements.

In China, the General rules for ring worn on the left hand, and without his right hand. Because the right to work, easy to impact and wear. Eulogized provisions left hand rings, Chrome Hearts Online shop, and the meaning of each finger to wear are not the same. Engagement ring worn on the middle finger of the left hand, that is taken has engaged.

Whether worn on the hand, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger. Traditionally in China, thumb to the little finger, respectively, meaning “birth, death, booking, knot,” and the ring finger is “knot” means. The wedding ring on the ring finger is not just traditional Chinese in foreign countries, Offcial Sale CHROME HEARTS/RING CROSS TAIL Free Shipping, is time-honoured customs. According to legend, through the veins of the heart via the ring finger, ring on the ring finger can be transmitted in a timely manner to the heart, feel the love.